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Do you wish to have a break in an unspoiled nature, in peace, but yet not far from the comfort of the modern world? Does the legacy of past generations interest you, but you also like to enjoy the fruits of today's advanced society?

Do not look any further!

Landscape marked by the Sotla River, many fertile hills and mountains covered in forests, is inviting you with a number of interesting stories about various gifts of nature and turbulent history that made a great impact on life and creativity of the people that live here.
Preservation of nature and rich history filled the destination with many tourist pearls. Rogaška Slatina with world renowned springs of curative mineral waters (Donat, Styria), springs of thermal water and health resort, Podčetrtek and Olimje with thermal spas and a rich history from the medieval times, Šmarje pri Jelšah with architectural heritage from the Baroque period, Rogatec, with a unique collection and presentation of life of rural population and nobles in the past and the Kozjansko Regional Park that uncovers landscape of many different faces. And wherever you go, you are  accompanied by good wines and culinary delicacies, served with great hospitality.

Welcome to Obsotelje and Kozjansko!

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Nature stenghtens and heals
The programme presents to the visitors various characteristics of the nature in the destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko. Nature’s unique gifts in the form of various water springs (mineral, thermal) and medicinal herbs give people a chance to heal, strengthen and enrich their organism.
Peek into the pot
This programme enriches already known flavour palettes of the visitors. Cuisine in this destination is influenced by characteristics of life in local rural environment, life of the landlords in castles and mansions and life in homes of early visitors from European urban centres.
On the move
The programme offers activities for invigorating the body and mind. Water, sun, clean air and diverse natural features of the destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko invite visitors to experience them by themselves or in the company of the family, friends or in a group. Leisurely or with a drop of adrenaline.
Obsotelje and Kozjansko on view
The programme presents to the visitors the most important tourist pearls of the destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko. It includes also the attractions that have spread the word about the destination far beyond the borders of Slovenia.
Days in the countyside
The programme presents people who have lived and still live in close connection to the nature, fertile soil and its gifts in the rural areas of Obsotelje and Kozjansko.
Wealth of the mind and spirit
The programme, which takes visitors through various forms of creativity of the people in the destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko from the distant past to the present day.

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