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We kindly invite you to enter your wishes and preferences in connection with your travel plans or with a range of services, which you are interested in, in destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko and we will send you the most appropriate offer.

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Your wishes / preferences
Please enter your wishes and preferences. For suitable offer, the following information is specially valuable:

- Which programme from the “TROK – Tourism panoramas of Obsotelje and Kozjansko” are you interested in or do you wish to get an offer of other tourist services in the destination
- What is your main motive for travelling, vacation or other type of experience in the destination Obsotelje and Kozjansko
- What is your planned timeframe for visiting the destination,
- In case of staying in the destination - what is the desired type and structure of the accommodation (category, room and / or type of holiday accommodation),
- What is the number of persons and the structure (adults, children)
- Do you have any limitations when travelling (special needs regarding movement , special food, etc.).

In case some of the information is missing, we will invite You to complete it later with the purpose to compile the most suitable offer for You.




Programmes holder - “TROK – Tourism panoramas of Obsotelje and Kozjansko”
FONTUS, organizacija potovanj, agencija in svetovanje, d.o.o.
Fontus, Tour organization & operation, tourist agency, tourism consulting, Ltd

PRESENTED “TROK” PROGRAMMES are adjustable according to the:

- number of guests - visitors (Individual guests - groups of up to 5 people, smaller groups - up to 15 people, larger groups - over 15 people)

- structure of the group of guests - visitors (groups of young people, families, interest groups / associations, etc..)

- diverse interests and purposes of visit (from learning about the natural, cultural, historical and ethnological heritage, performing activities for health improvement and relaxation to activities for entertainment,  recreation and sports, business events and incentives, etc.).

- length of stay in the destination (half-day programmes, two and multi-day programmes)

- season when the visit is realized

- Individual and group programmes
- Incentive programmes
- Organization of different events
- Other services for guests, visitors or tourists (accommodation organization, catering services, transport, tourist guiding, etc.)

For making a personalized, concrete offer, we kindly invite you to send us an inquiry or contact us by phone or email.



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